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Sensing and Imaging

A section of Sensors (ISSN 1424-8220).

Section Information

In the Sensing and Imaging Section of Sensors, peer-reviewed papers (including original research papers, comprehensive reviews, and short communications) covering all aspects of Sensing and Imaging will be published. We will consider papers dealing with image/vision/camera sensors, sensing systems, and image acquisition and processing, including applications in agriculture, cultural heritage, industry, smart life, and virtual reality. Sensing devices include but are not limited to cameras, imaging probes, radar, sonar, UAVs, etc. Sensing and imaging methods include but are not limited to optical, acoustic, wave, thermal, and magnetic imaging.


  • Imaging Systems
  • Sensors
  • Camera
  • Radar and sonar
  • Probes
  • Diagnostics


  • (Bio)medical imaging
  • Subsurface and surface sensing
  • Environmental sensing and imaging
  • Nondestructive sensing and imaging
  • Aerial/UAV imaging
  • Gesture/pattern/target recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Imaging in harsh environments
  • Extended reality (mixed/augmented/virtual reality)
  • Material appearance metrology

Methods of Imaging

  • Acoustic/ultrasound/photoacoustic imaging
  • Optical/infrared/spectral/hyperspectral/fluorescence imaging
  • (Micro)wave/terahertz imaging
  • Thermal imaging
  • Magnetic imaging/atomic scale magnetic sensing and imaging
  • (High dynamic) range imaging
  • 2D/3D imaging
  • Computational imaging
  • Unconventional imaging

Up to date Methods

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • Machine/deep learning
  • (Convolutional) neutral network

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Topical Advisory Panel

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